Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation


Swimming for the canine athlete, or any dog, will improve body condition and cardiovascular fitness.  Being in water will encourage a better range of movement of joints and increase muscle mass and tone PLUS its good fun for you and your dog.

So why swim in a hydrotherapy pool and not in the sea or pond? 

The pool is a warm 30 degree controlled environment.  Your dog is fitted with a buoyancy jacket and someone is always in the pool to keep a check on your dog.

You have little control of your dog when they are swimming in the sea or pond, most dogs will keep coming in and out of the water which causes increased stress on the joints. The cold water can actually be counter-productive as it reduces blood circulation and cold muscles can stiffen or cramp which can cause damage.  Add to that the smell or dirty dog and I think you will agree, that the hydrotherapy pool is the better option.

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Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation


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