Virtual Run

the background...

As you may know I changed career to a dog walker – in that time I have met some amazing people who have let me literally into their family home and have the joy of walking their little balls of fluff. 


There is one family in particular with a little Cockerpoo called Coco I affectionately call Cocopops who just LOVES LIFE!!!  He literally makes me smile as everything is WONDERFUL he is always super duper HAPPY.  Well this little one comes from an equally amazing family.  They would leave me home baked treats.  Their children when about, would show me their latest game, costume or even how to floss and generally all radiate sunshine.  Imagine the shock when the youngest family member Deacon was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma.  He is five years old and battling through this tough time with a huge smile on his face showing everyone how strong he is.  He has now lost his hair through chemotherapy and little Deacon and his family are regulars at the amazing Great Ormond Street Hospital. 


The family have been getting amazing support via a local charity ‘’Gold Geese’’ and it is here I want to donate all profits from the Virtual Run.



This is work in progress so please bear with me I don’t have all the I’s dotted and t’s crossed but I

sincerely hope you will all get on board and join in the fun which in turn will help this wonderful family and others like it. 


No it isn’t an animal charity it is however a local one and one that has touched my heart and if you met Coco and his family you would want to keep them LOVING LIFE!!!!!

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how it works

its pretty simple...

Please download and complete the entry form and email it to the address on the form.  


Your medal is now reserved!!!!! 


All you need to now do is complete the distance of your choosing and submit proof by 24th February 2019 to receive your medal and appear on our virtual league table.


We have TWO distance Categories:-

5miles or 5k


This isn’t to discriminate against any beginners and those new to running/canicross but also give more regular runners/canicross something to get our feet into.


This virtual event is now open and closes on 24th February 2019.

You can run, bike,  scoot, walk or even crawl just as long as you do a minimum of 5km/5miles depending which category you wish to enter.


You can do it individually, as a group/club or anything in-between.  This is a VIRTUAL RUN which means you complete this at your leisure, in a location of your choice and set your own pace.  All you need to do is provide PROOF and send it in. to receive your medal.

If you wish to run it as a group please take note of the following dates:-

Nov Sunday 25th

Dec Sunday 23rd

Jan – date TBA please check back

Feb – date TBA please check back


We will host Group Runs starting at Hockley Woods.  Please contact me beforehand if you plan to join our group run so I can issue the correct paperwork.


Your virtual Run can be completed at a location of your choice anytime by the 24th February 2019 making sure you capture the proof with a screen shot of an app on your smart phone, or a photo of your GPS watch as evidence of your time, the distance completed and the date completed.


Please note, should you plan to run with your dog must be a minimum of 12 months old to take part if running and 18 months old for bikejor/scootjor.


For more information on how the charity works please visit:

run to help beat cancer 

beating cancer with deacon