Dragging of your dog is not tolerated.

Dragging of the dogs human is another story!

Don’t worry or fret just come.

Bring water for you and most importantly your dog, some poo bags and a good sense of humour.

If your running woodland and it has rained trail shoes are a sensible option.

You are responsible for your dogs health and safety and those around you so be considerate and we will build a great reputation as a dog run group


No dogs under 1year old - they still growing up :)


Image and text courtesy of Emerald Chiropractic for K9s


This is an X-ray of a puppy at 2 weeks old - just look to see how far the bones have to grow to just become proper bony joints, let alone become strong articulating joints that have correct feedback into the brain... this is why it is imperative that we don't over-exercise our puppies, and certainly not jump them or train them too hard before they are fully developed. This is different age categories for different breeds, and if the dog has had any specific problems during it's puppyhood. Please be careful at this stage so the dog's joints will last well as they age! Longevity is key!


“Hike” – start running or run faster

 “Gee” – turn right

 “Haw” – turn left

 “On By” – ignore the distraction

 “Easy” – slow down

 “Whoa” – stop

 “Line Out” – run ahead and pull the bungee tight


Alternatively you can start training using:-

‘’Left’’ or ‘’Back’’ – turn left

‘’Right’’ or ‘’Close’’ – turn right

‘’Its okay’’ - Ignore the distraction

I will now use ‘’steady’’ for Slow Down (dont scream as they just go faster lol) 

‘’Wait’’ or ''Whoa'' – stop 

‘’Lets Go’’ - run ahead and pull the bungee tight


Only recommend what we use:-


Jenny Brown - for my nonstop running belt and bungee (SEE IMAGE)



Team Clothing

Please browse the online shop and order directly from www.pupmalup.co.uk using the below button.

Dog harness ''zerodc short'' (see image)

Get in touch with Emily – http://www.k9trailtime.com/


tailrunners receive a discount for group members 5% discount off anything you buy on the website and £10 discount on all orders over £100 
website is www.k9trailtime.com
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