My name is Amanda, Team Captain for Tailrunners Pet Services, available for all your dog walking or cat service needs.  

Locations - Rayleigh, Hockley, Hawkwell, Rochford and Leigh-on Sea.


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Fully Insured

Licenced to Board Dogs granted fromRochford District Council

Various Canine courses


Before our first walk I will arrange a free of charge consultation where we can go through your specific needs and I can find out more about your fur baby.  This is important to me as I want to provide the best home from home care as possible and if I can mimic what you do with your best friend they will be more comfortable, relaxed and happy.  During this discovery process I can find out if they have any anxiety e.g. Thunder, traffic.   If you use any  training commands (recall mainly and if you have a foodie ‘’leave it’’).  

I respect the wishes of each individual owner and if they want to come on our first walk together or happy for me to start off will do so. I will let you know when I arrive to collect your fur baby and drop them off. If you wish, to brighten your working day will send photos during our walk too. I literally tailor my service to you and your dogs needs.

For those dogs without a recall I will use a long line so your dog gets to run as well as walk during our time together.  I can offer group walks or 1-2-1 all of which can be decided at our initial consultation  or amended  as per your wishes. 

For group walks I will only ever walk a maximum of 4dogs at anyone time which may also include my own dog.

I also offer 1-2-1 walks for those particularly sensitive dogs or higher energy dogs they need a little extra time, care and attention.

Daily weekly walks and ad hoc walks also available.

From £12.00 for an hour group walk

Outside my area is just extra 50p/mile


​Why walk when you can run!


Whether your a beginner or at race level, I can take you out for a 1-2-1 or canicross with your own dog.

The first session will be an hour at as I need to assess you and your dog and run through equipment and paperwork which just eats into run time.  After that, the next session we can literally hit the ground running! 

I am experienced at canicross and fully insured.  

1-2-1 Canicross

£15.00 for half hour

£25.00 for an hour. 

Outside my area is just extra 50p/mile



I will visit your home and as per your instruction and take care of your pussy cat whilst you are away.  This includes anything up to and including emptying the cat litter tray, refreshing water bowls, feeding them, washing up their dirty bowls (we all know how clean cats are!)  Giving them any special treats, grooming, opening windows, collecting post in safe place, opening or closing curtains or blinds and putting lights on/off.  I usually stay with the cats for about an hour per visit so I can get the chores done and have a cuddle if they wanted.

£8.00 per visit usually lasting an hour

Outside my area is just extra 50p/mile



I am really excited to be working on building this program to keep your dogs in peak physical condition. I have attended the Kennel Club Conditioning for the Canine Athlete Seminars.  I am able alongside Canicross Trailrunners to offer exclusive invite to their clinic 


Limited availability to take your pooch into the open water.  This really is a privileged event am especially excited about.

We have secured the unique and exclusive use of the facilities at Trifarm.  With their support we have the exclusive use of the lake, changing rooms, toilets, tea and coffee facilities, secure car park and life guard.

Wet suit hire is available (human only). 

Float coat available by prior arrangement.

Limited sessions so get in quick!


£15.00 only club members receive discount


Your carriage awaits!  I run and walk from a van so your fur baby can travel secure in the back or if you have a pampered pooch I have recently also invested in a new 3 Point Safety Harness! Passed the 30mph PPRS Safety Standards (I only recently found out not all seatbelt harnesses for dogs have been crashed tested). In team colours of course! If ever you need to get your furry to an appointment and unable I am happy to provide a solution for you with their own pet taxi.

from £5.00

Outside my area is just extra 50p/mile


I will take care of your pooch if you have to go out for the day during the working week.

This will include at least one walk and only open for friendly dogs I am familiar with as will be living in my home alongside my own dog.  Your dog will be treated with the same love, care and respect as my own.

I can also arrange to collect and drop off your dog using the pet transport service if required.

from £20.00 per dog per day 9am-5pm. Times outside of this maybe accommodated if arranged prior.

Licence to Board Dogs granted from Rochford District Council. 


Alongside the Canine Swim we also have available, the exclusive use of the track surrounding the lake at Trifarm.

​Here we can host our Tri Dog Training session and complete the canine equivalent of a Triathlon with a canine swim-bikejor-canicross.

This includes the exclusive use of the facilities at Trifarm. 


With their support we have the use of the lake, changing rooms, toilets, tea and coffee facilities, secure car park and life guard.


Wet suit hire is available (human only). 

Float coat available by prior arrangement.

Limited sessions so get in quick!


£15.00 only club members receive a discount


I provide Terms and Conditions and Key Release document to be read and signed by us both along with a questionnaire. 


I will also show you my insurance so you know your pet is in the best care when you cannot be there. 

I also have up-to-date Dog First Aid certificates.  

Attended Canine Athlete course for 2years running at The Kennel Club.





Email: tailrunners01@gmail.com

Tel:  07496 511154


9:00 AM - 5.00 PM

Monday - Friday

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday




In my spare time I also run a Canicross Club, Tailrunners South East Essex Canicross Running Club. Separate to my business and under its own insurance.  The sport is a passion of mine because of the bond it creates between you and your canine.  Since its inception in 2014 we have over 300 members. My dog and I have competed in races and even have a couple of trophies to our name. We are by no means Team GB but we are a team and that's all that matters to us.

Visit the club page on www.tailrunnersessex.com 

We recently represented the sport of canicross at Crufts under trailrunners canicross.  Was an absolute priviledge and honour.

I also enjoy other sports which of course include my own fur baby and using the You Tube link on my contact page shows videos of when we go out ''bikerjoring.''  

On a really warm day you will find me kayaking with my bestest buddy too!

Am enthusiastic and passionate about all things dog and sport related and will pass on this dedication when taking care of your pet.

The greatest thing about building this business, is learning about other dogs, other breeds, their characteristic, what drives them?  What they value the most?  And of course, they are the best boss in the world, always pleased to see me.


Probably like most dog walkers and cat sitters I also have a massive affinity to animals.


I grew up literally grew up with a border collie Follie, she was part of my family before I was.  In my teenage years two golden retrievers Chanel and Lace, whom broke my heart.  We did everything together ride my go-kart, went for long walks, jumped in ditches and every lunchtime came home from school to be with and walked after school. I would spend hours brushing their lovely tails.  Probably that is where my love of fluff came from!  I was devastated by the time I went to University they passed.  Swore never to have another dog.  My family of course did get another dog, a Labrador named Poppy and another William, along with Lercher Crystal from a rescue centre.  Crystal was a wreck when she arrived and was frightened of men in particular. I remember sleeping with her at night and just holding her. 


I hated the cone of shame as did all my dogs and being a light sleeper I would sleep with my dogs after surgery and if they woke up to nibble their stitches would wake up too and just soothe them back to sleep again.  Believe me I love my sleep and wouldn’t do this for just anyone! 


After my dogs broke my heart I found an affinity for cats, two black rescues Purdie and Louie, they become like little dogs and would learn basic commands and would again be my constant companions when in the house.  Poor Louie got dementia so I set up working from home so I could look after him 247. He really was a warrior of a cat and my funniest memory is how he got his ripped ears – poking his head through another homes cat flap and eating their food as the cat literally tore strips off him.  He didn’t care.  Little warrior Louie Cat!  I never thought my heart would heal again and a house without an animal in it for me, doesn’t have a heartbeat.  So took the decision after a years worth of researching to find my perfect breed of dog and companion.  He comes  in the form of a Working Cocker Spaniel.  The last five years I have learnt more about dogs and I mean scientifically and intellectually than I have ever learnt.  I was already compassionate but now I was learning about highly intelligent, driven, working lines.  Together we have attended Working Trials, Agility training, Scent work shops, various canicross competitions (with a couple of podium wins) bikejor rallies, kennel club courses designed specifically for the canine athlete, animal communication workshops, pet first aid courses, Level 1 dog instructor course,  we have even been in the local newspaper and on national TV as part of canicross demonstrations.  Oh and of course how can I forget – Diesel has been to a wedding and on a movie set! Priceless moment is when I was having SUP lessons and he swam out to join me really was ‘’come on Mum what is the adventure you are having without me?’’ So we now go out kayaking together too.  My bookshelves hold more dog books now than anything else and I continue to learn. 

I am pleased to say that I receive recommendations from local dog instructors especially being a canicrosser to walk the livelier dogs.  Or from owners who have pets with special needs or requirements.  It is a real privilege and honour and during our time together, both owners and dogs are relaxed and of course like everything I do, we have fun on our walks, visits or runs!

I pride myself to be surrounded by likeminded friends and professionals who work in the dog industry too.​  If I cannot be of service I may know someone who can.

Please contact me with any queries.  I hope to be of service soon, to you and your fur baby.

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